Phytochemical and antimicrobial study of laptedenia

phytochemical and antimicrobial study of laptedenia Present study was conducted to evaluate the antimicrobial activity from ethanolic extract against different life threatening pathogenic microorganisms and screening for various phytochemical constituents of lawsonia inermis linn.

A comparative study on the phytochemical constituents and antimicrobial activities of the hexane extracts of the leaves of tectona grandis and its mistletoe was carried out. Study of phytochemical and antimicrobial activity of alcohlic extract of mucuna pruriens (l) leaves jyoti pandey, rajshree pandey abstract. Dr m anuradha home \ phytochemical and antimicrobial studies of leaf extract of euphorbia neriifolia cost effective study of micropropagation of.

This paper describes the seasonal phytochemical variation and the antimicrobial potential of v zizanioides roots collected in brazil considering the high levels of chemical constituents and their biological activity in dichloromethane fraction, the plants were grown in different seasons and the. Abstract: the persent study was designed to investigate the anxiolytic activity of ethanolic extract of leptadenia reticulata plantit is a folk medicine traditionally used in treatment of eye diseases, seminal debility, general weekness, cough, fever, asthma, sore throat and gonorrhea. The present study was carried out on the phytochemical investigation and antimicrobial activities of the leaves extract of plantago lanceolata since the plant was used for wound healing in ethiopia the powdered leaves. The preliminary phytochemical studies of stem of leptadenia reticulata consist of 6 reported the toxicity study of leptadenia studied the antimicrobial.

7 international journal of research in plant science 2017 7(1): 7-11 issn 2249-9717 original article phytochemical screening and comparative study of antimicrobial. The phytochemical and antimicrobial study of the methanolic extract of bark of bael [aegle marmelos ( l)] was carried out in the present investigation the phytochemical screening revealed the presence of. Phytochemical and antibacterial studies of lantana abstract- the study was conducted to determine the antimicrobial activity of varying concentrations of lantana. Sabyasachi c, kaniz ws, anupam b, manas b-phytochemical study, antimicrobial and anticancerous activity of cassia tora linn.

Here we are reporting the phytochemical constituents and antimicrobial activity of three different extracts (aqueous, ethyl acetate and petroleum ether) from leaves of manilkara zapota and averrhoa carambola against pathogenic fungi and yeast. Objective to study the antimicrobial activity and phytochemical characterization of essential oil isolated from the rhizome of curcuma xanthorrhiza against pathogenic bacteria and fungi. Phytochemical and antidiarrhoeal screening of the aerial part of leptadenia pyrotechnica (forsk) decne this study revealed that the aerial part of. Research article antimicrobial activity and phytochemical study of phyllanthus emblica linn raghu hsand ravindra p address for correspondence.

The aims of this study were to identify phytochemical constituents and evaluate the cholinesterase inhibitory activity of m hortensis leaves and flower extracts the phytochemical identifications were performed by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. Abstract the present study was aimed at detecting the phytochemicals and evaluating the antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of euphorbia resinifera known for their medicinal properties in folk medicine. An ethno-medicinal study was conducted through the means of an informal interview with an herbalist at akim-tafo, in the eastern region of ghana preliminary phytochemical tests carried out on the leaves of morindalucida indicated the presence of.

This plant, our team wanted to study the validity of its antimicrobial qualities thus, we chose to test screening phytochemical of the extracts of the leaves and. Test the presence of phytochemicals responsible for the antimicrobial potential of leaves of clonga the results of the present study revealed that both ethanol and methanol extracts showed antimicrobial activity on rhizome and leaf. Present study was carried out to determine the phytochemical constituents and physicochemical values according to the pharmacopoeial method the antimicrobial activity of bacopa monnieri (l) was also investigated by using aqueous and.

The present study was designed to evaluate the phytochemical screening, antioxidants and antimicrobial activities of different plants extracts phytochemical screening revealed the presence of terphenols, phenols. The present study suggests that the leaf extract of lageneria siceraria can be used in treating diseases caused by the test organisms key words: lagenaria siceraria, antimicrobial properties and phytochemical screening. A study on phytochemical analysis and antimicrobial activity of hyptis suaveolens (l) poit p mozhiyarasi and r anuradha. Leaves of plantago lanceolata were traditionally used to treat wounds, burns, inflammations, fevers, diabetes and cancer the present study was carried out on the phytochemical investigation and antimicrobial activities of the leaves extract of plantago lanceolata since the plant was used for wound.

Phytochemical and antimicrobial study of laptedenia
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